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SKU: 12280003

Rockwell Hi-Performance Dual Vertical and Horizontal adjustable door hinge comes standard with a Lift off feature along  with a concealed ball bearing and a Non-Removable Pin.


Lift-Off Feature

The Lift-Off Feature allows for the easiest removal and installation of the door panel to and from  the door frame where NO Tools are Required, saving time and money.

Lift-Off Feature also provides ease of assembly pre-hanging the door panel onto the Frame without the need for any tools.

Conveniently transport and prevent damage to doors on the job site by easily removing and reinstalling the door panel.  No removal of pins or screws to remove the door.  Only lift the door panel, with the door in the open position to remove and reinstall.

The Rockwell Adjustable Door hinge also comes with a Tapered Pin end with a tapered knuckle that provides an easy fit locator feature for ease in installing the door panel.



Independently third party tested  to exceed ANSI/BHMA 156.1 Grade 3 standard for 350,000 cycles with 3 hinges tested on a 180lbs. door panel.



Dual vertical and horizontal adjustment comes standard on all hinges.  No separate set and guide door hinges.

1/4” Vertical Adjustment and 0.15” horizontal adjustment  with Visual adjustment indicator.  Drift prevention feature ensures adjusted hinges do not drift or move out of adjusted position.

Adjust vertically and horizontally with a hand screwdriver.  Combination head screw prevents stripping issues.

One step industry standard routing simplifies door preparation.  Fits industry standard template.


Strength and Durability


Heavy Gauge All Metal Construction.

No Plastic or Synthetic Parts.

Heavy Duty 7/16” diameter Pin for extra strength.


Smooth Operation


Concealed Hardened 3/8” Ball Bearing provides ease of operation and improves cycle life.

Concealed ball bearing located inside the hinge knuckle that makes for an aesthetically cleaner look.




Built-in Non-removable Pin comes standard making it suitable for  both Inswing and Outswing applications.

The lift off Feature will only work with the door in the open position, therefore making it also suitable for outswing applications.

Maximum adjusted door weight :

180 lbs. 3 hinges

240 lbs.  4 hinges








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