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Rockwell Keystone Dual Point Lock for Sliding Patio Doors – Surface Mount

SKU: 70929877

  • The Rockwell Keystone dual point mortise lock provides additional security for Sliding Patio Doors
  • The Keystone lock is compatible with all Rockwell sliding Door handles to fit 3-15/16″ CTC screwholes.
  • The Keystone lock  has a concealed and built-in mishandling anti-slam device with its collapsible hooks.
  • Unlike other anti-slam locks in the market where the lock can only be operated when the door is engaged with the frame the Keystone dual point lock can be operated without engaging the door into the frame and can be slammed where the hooks collapse into the lock  preventing lockouts and without causing any damage to the lock, the strike or the door.
  • It also easily upgrades single point locks into a higher security lock with very minor changes to the mortise rout.
  • Opposing hook orientation provides anti-lift security and laminated hooks ensures a load capacity of over 2,000 lbs
  • The Keystone lock only requires a 45 degree turn to lock or unlock, it comes with a built in lock indicator, a compression hook with the adjustable keeper.
  • The adjustable Keeper provides additional field adjustment to ensure  proper engagement with the keeper.
  • Built to fit industry standard rout and allows for use with center and offset positions.
  • The Keystone lock is available in flush mount, surface mount and recessed mount making it suitable for Vinyl, Clad, Fiberglass, Aluminum and Wood doors.