Contemporary Door Hardware
Designs for OEMs

OEMs producing doors may have new designs without a specific handle in mind to go with them. If you’re looking for a custom solution to purchase, implement and mass-produce, we can design and manufacture essential door and window hardware for your company.

At Rockwell Security, we provide OEMs, engineers and purchasing agents with door and window hardware that stands the test of time. For decades, we’ve manufactured innovative products featuring durable materials, quality craftsmanship and advanced design elements while delivering unmatched customer service.


We make the complete satisfaction of every customer a top priority. Our availability and responsiveness begin with the first engagement for a project and continue through to the final product.


Our commitment to quality and style is our foundation for building this business. Our unparalleled craftsmanship shows up in every hardware product that carries our name.


With over 30 years of industry experience, we know exactly what our OEM clients are looking for. Our designs are innovative, functional and solution-driven to enhance your manufacturing output.

Our Modern Door Hardware Selection

Expertly Crafted Modern Door Hardware With Exceptional Quality

All of our products are made with premium materials, such as aluminum and solid brass, enhancing your final product with trusted hardware durability. You can also choose from our many metal colors and finishes to create a look that best corresponds with your door and window product designs.

Our selection of residential, commercial and glass hardware features hundreds of versatile products, from locks to door stops to hinges and more. We even offer an assortment of specialty products available for a limited time.

Residential Door Hardware

Our residential door hardware is optimized to fit your home door designs and production requirements. Whether it’s a sturdy deadbolt for a secure front door or interior door handles that achieve a more modern look, we have the diversified selection to complete your production plans.

Commercial Door Hardware

Our commercial door hardware is excellent for office buildings, storefronts and everything in between. Rockwell commercial door products can enhance your door designs with a sleek, stylish and modern feel that fits your target sector.

Glass Door Hardware

Our glass door hardware features products that make shower and patio door designs more secure and aesthetically appealing. With our offerings, you can enrich your OEM production with elegant, custom-made hardware matches.

Specialty Products

Keep an eye on our specialty products for unique door or window hardware you can’t find anywhere else. We’re always creating new and improved hardware with advanced features as the market continues to grow.

About Us

At Rockwell Security, we believe style and safety should go together in everything we do. We produce and distribute creative, high-quality window and door hardware for OEM clients throughout the US and Canada from our base in Northern California. Offering over 30 years of experience in the industry, our professionals are ready to meet a range of high-performance product requirements.