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Rockwell Hydraulic Power Adjustable Concealed Floor Spring Hinge


The PF Series Hydraulic Power Adjustable Concealed Floor Spring Closer allows for a quick and easy installation on Tempered Glass Doors without requiring the need for a cavity or digging into the floor to attach a closing device. Whereas traditional floor spring closers require a recess in the concrete floor, the Hydraulic Concealed Floor Spring Closer can be mounted without a cavity in the ground, reducing installation costs. Concealed installation of the hydraulic closing device in a compact unit makes for an aesthetically cleaner look.

The Hydraulic Concealed Floor Spring Closer incorporates a Power
Adjustable Spring strength for door sizes 3– 5. This helps in reducing Inventory costs and inventory management.

It also incorporates a speed adjusting valve to adjust your closing speed along with a brake adjusting valve to adjust braking speed.

The Concealed Floor Spring Closer has a Dual Action Functioning range of 150 degrees making it suitable for single or double action doors and is non-handed making it suitable for both LH and RH doors with a maximum door panel weight of 220 lbs.
It is available with or without the Hold Open feature at 90 degrees.
The Base Plate on the PF Series is also adjustable to ensure alignment of the door panel. The Stationery position of the door can be adjusted horizontally left to right and forward and back by 1/8” with the door opening angle also adjustable by 4°.

Tested to meet and comply with European EN1154 Standard for 500,000 cycles.

Technical Specifications:

Glass Thickness: 3/8” – 9/16” Tempered Glass

Maximum Glass Door Width: 39”

Maximum Glass Door Weight: 220 lbs.

Handing: Non –Handed suitable for Right or Left Hand Doors

Dual Action: 150 ° suitable for single or double action doors

Power Adjustable: Adjustable Spring Tension for Door sizes 3-5


Installation Instructions