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Each year embraces new concepts, resurgences and even timeless classics that keep the ever-dynamic door hardware industry thriving. Stay up-to-date with the trends to impress your clients with fresh hardware designs. At Rockwell Security, we offer modern designs for OEMs, along with innovative solutions and tailored options for your company.

Navigating the Door Hardware Market With Expert Analysis

The door hardware industry’s current trends include cutting-edge creations made from sustainable materials with seamless design combinations. With so many architectural styles and personal preferences shaping the realm of door hardware design, it pays off to keep up with the trends. Lead your company to the top and be an industry leader for next-gen buildings.

When Style Meets Function

Door hardware aesthetics have come a long way, transforming from utilitarian pieces to design-centric hardware. Modern hardware for interior doors aims for the perfect balance between comfort and visual appeal. Ergonomic hardware is popular, but many give equal priority to functionality and aesthetic appeal when choosing door hardware designs. At Rockwell Security, our contemporary door hardware solutions weave style and function to create eye-catching pieces that are comfortable to use.

Embracing Technological Integration in Door Hardware

Innovation plays a role in the residential and commercial hardware market for doors. Modern systems leverage cutting-edge technological advancements to improve functionality, adaptability and security. From touchless devices to phone-activated locks, the smart revolution in the door hardware market plays a significant role in home automation. Many companies specifically choose hardware that ensures their products will align with the Matter universal smart home standard for doors, windows and other smart components.

Global Market Trends Influencing Door Hardware Design

Round door knobs are timeless hardware fixtures with a nearly universal design. Available in various styles and finishes, the classic door knob has transformed with unique designs better suited for a more ergonomic and accessible grip.

Door handles have also evolved, reshaping with door hardware preferences. Such changes in global market trends impact the supply chain and affect the availability of certain fixtures.

Future-Proofing Door Hardware Selections for Market Evolution

The global trends in the door hardware industry require you to keep up-to-date with the changes. Future-proof your company with modern and custom solutions that propel you as an industry innovator.

Spotting the Next Big Thing — Trends in Door Knobs and Beyond

Modern-style door fixtures shift into more unique designs and ergonomic considerations. Global trends influencing door hardware preferences include:

  • All-black door hardware: Black door handle sets are gaining momentum for their sophisticated and bold appearance. These designs seamlessly blend with minimalistic architecture while making a striking statement.
  • Consistent and minimalist concept: Harmonious door hardware fittings are another favored trend among interior designers and engineers. The refined design approach creates consistency across fixtures, from door design to handles to hinges.
  • Sustainable preferences: With many companies aiming for a more sustainable path, PVD finishings are an excellent choice for eco-conscious designs. Our custom solutions give you more options for sustainable door styles.
  • Bronze and gold finishing: When it comes to global market trends, bronze door hardware is making a reappearance. These refined accents blend with minimalist and lavish decor themes, adding versatility.

Build Partnerships With Rockwell Security

Partner with us and craft a competitive edge in the face of global market trends. Rockwell Security innovates an extensive collection of elegant, sturdy door hardware solutions that uphold the highest quality standards. If you want a custom solution, our experts will tailor unique designs and mass-produce them just for you. Contact us today to discover how you can benefit from our exceptional quality and unmatched customer support.