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Staying Ahead of the Market Trends in Door Hardware

Each year embraces new concepts, resurgences and even timeless classics that keep the ever-dynamic door hardware industry thriving. Stay up-to-date with the trends to impress your clients with fresh hardware designs. At Rockwell Security, we offer modern designs for OEMs, along with innovative solutions and tailored options for your company. Navigating the Door Hardware Market With […]

How to Select the Right Door Handle for Your Door

A door is a functional and necessary addition to any home. Most homes feature internal and external doors, which may require separate hardware. While the exact number of doorways in a property will vary, any door is incomplete without the correct hardware. The right door furniture can help it stand out or complement the stain […]

Future of Door Hardware

The future of door hardware relies on improvements in smart home technology and touchless locks. From design considerations to opportunities for technological advances, door hardware is seeing more possibilities than ever. Design Considerations When considering the door hardware market, it may be a good idea to look at the possibilities for adding motorized functions to […]

When Did It Become Hip to Be Square?

Houses become homes with the addition of personalized touches and high-quality features. When people are in the market for a new front door or a set of entry doors, they want to know they’re choosing pieces that can help them keep their property secure while also complementing the architecture of their home. Subtle yet striking, […]

How Are Freight Costs Impacting the Manufacturing Industry?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the global supply chain. Shipping carriers and manufacturers alike have struggled after consumer behavior deviated from expert evaluations. While experts initially believed that the pandemic would cause a decrease in shipping, precisely the opposite happened with a spike in e-commerce. Demand for products like home hardware spiked while manufacturers […]

5 Reasons Why Product Testing Is Crucial to OEMs

Manufacturers set quality and performance standards for their products. Product testing is an essential step in ensuring quality and meeting customer expectations. Product testing also ensures products meet specific technical requirements. Testing involves putting products through experiments and evaluating their performance under varying circumstances. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for doors and windows, you need reliable hardware that […]

Gas Prices Impacting the Manufacturing Industry?

With gas prices hitting record highs in recent months, companies and consumers alike are feeling the financial pinch at the pump. From steel producers to food processing companies, manufacturers across industries have to reduce or temporarily suspend production as energy costs soar. Rising oil prices also have a ripple effect on prices as it becomes more expensive […]

Door Hardware for Contemporary Home Builds

  Building a contemporary home that reflects current architectural trends involves making several crucial decisions, including door hardware. In this article, we’ll advise you on how to pick modern, safe door hardware and where to find the products in the industry.  What Is Modern Homebuilding?  Our customers often ask us, “What is modern?” To answer […]

What Is Considered Modern For Door Hardware?

A doorknob or door handle plays a critical role in a home’s security by controlling entry into a house. Whether the door is locked or simply pulled tightly shut, the doorknob helps to safeguard the interior space. Over the centuries, the design and construction of entry door handles have evolved. Although a modern door handle might share some elements […]