A door is a functional and necessary addition to any home. Most homes feature internal and external doors, which may require separate hardware. While the exact number of doorways in a property will vary, any door is incomplete without the correct hardware. The right door furniture can help it stand out or complement the stain or color of the door for a unifying element.

Whether a door has a modern style or contemporary elements, Rockwell Security Inc. offers many types of door handles to suit any interior decor preference.

Choosing Door Hardware

To ensure the door hardware you offer helps to unify the home rather than create separate or clashing aesthetics, start by analyzing the many different home styles and design goals available. For example, modern door handles are ideal for homeowners who would like to tie together an existing contemporary theme. Similarly, a classic antique handle may best suit homeowners leaning toward a more rustic or traditional style.

Some door hardware styling options to choose from include:

1. Modern

Modern door handles feature strong clean lines with contemporary curves and geometric shapes. While modern door hardware often features a minimal design, it’s the perfect finishing touch for a variety of properties.

The relaxed appearance of contemporary door handles and the option for neutral color choices aid in emphasizing their unassuming appearance. Modern hardware is a practical way to add a sleek and elegant touch to your space.

2. Traditional

One of the easiest ways to incorporate period details into an older home is with traditional door handles. Each conventional door handle is available in various finishes and pairs well with aged metal finish options to add charm and flair to any door.

3. Victorian

Victorian door handles take inspiration from the luxurious Victorian era and feature crisp, ornate designs for an effortless, eye-catching door feature. As a versatile style, Victorian hardware complements various interiors and is an easy way to bring glamor to any door and interior space.

4. Decorative

Decorative knobs are one-sided knobs that don’t feature any working parts. A decorative door knob is ideal for a shallow closet or French door interiors to complement the overall style of a door.

You can make a bold statement with decorative hardware that adds a unique flair to your room’s decor.

5. Rustic

If a homeowner is looking for classic country charm, they can’t go wrong with rustic door hardware. These stylish doorknobs are ideal for doors in modern farmhouse and ranch-style designs. They can be simple or offer a lot of gorgeous, fine details.

6. Classic

Classic door knobs are easy to grip and twist and are available in round and sphere shapes. These simple, traditional door knobs work well in any interior and can elevate many doors in the home.

You can find classic options in a wide range of finishes and colors.

Which Type of Door Hardware?

There are different types of door knobs available, which can range from traditional knobs to contemporary options:

1. Lever

Often found in French door styles, homeowners can implement a lever-style door handle anywhere they’d use a standard knob. Most lever handles come in various sizes and are easier to use than a traditional knob, making them an ADA-compliant option.

2. Door Knobs

Even the most straightforward door knob design can add a touch of style and functionality to a home. By offering the appropriate latch option, homeowners can turn the knob either way, regardless of door configuration.

3. Pull Handle

Pull handles offer an easy way to open and close doors without additional force. Choose from ornamental or functional handles to create a variety of style options for homeowners.

Selecting a Finish

The finish of a door handle is another important decision in the doorknob design process, which is why we offer several choices. As you examine our different finish options, consider factors such as the possible function of the doorknob and any accessories that will accompany each handle.

Some of the many finish options available include:

1. Brushed Nickel

Give a home a more modern feel with a brushed nickel doorknob. These doorknobs are ideal for bathroom fixtures and cabinet hardware and will add a feeling of elegance as a knob or a lever.

2. Brushed Brass

Brushed brass door knobs complement styles from classic to modern to create a warm and elegant look in any home. Given the versatility of the brushed brass design, homeowners can pair it with various door styles.

3. Antique Black

Antique black door knobs are an excellent choice for rustic and refined interiors. With durable construction, you can rely on these doorknobs to remain elegant for a long time, working with any door style.

Security Considerations

In addition to the design, you’ll want to consider the security level of a door handle. Typically, many homeowners emphasize security for belongings and specific rooms, like the bathroom and entry doors. However, different doors require different types of locks:

1. Bathroom

Many bathroom doors utilize a thumbturn and release lock to enable greater privacy while someone is in the bathroom. Offering homeowners the option to install a thumbturn lock allows one to undo the lock from outside the room and prevent the occupant from becoming trapped.

2. Interior Doors

While most internal door handles in a home don’t require additional security, you may wish to offer locks for doors for rooms such as the bedroom or offices. Your interior door lock options should enable homeowners to add a lock that’s easily accessible with a key.

3. Exterior Doors

For exterior doors, it’s essential to offer the strongest lock possible. Whether the homeowner needs a lock for the back, front or side door, they should invest in the most robust and trustworthy door handle and lock possible.

One of the critical components of a door lock is the key locking cylinder. Rockwell has mortise and Euro profile key locking cylinders with anti-bump, hardened steel and anti-pick pins that help prevent tampering. Another option is a multipoint lock that improves security while offering easier access for residents.

Find the Right Door Hardware With Rockwell Security Inc.

As a homeowner designs their home, they need trustworthy products they can rely on to withstand the test of time. By investing in door handles and knobs from Rockwell Security Inc., you can offer dependable products that match any homeowner’s style.

Our various door handle options and security measures will ensure any home looks beautiful while keeping the occupants safe. To explore residential door hardware options for entryways or interior doors, browse our high-quality products today!

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